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Lisa Scott-Lee


Date of birth (location)
November 5th 1975
St. Asaph, Wales

Lisa Scott-Lee was born on bonfire night, November 5th 1975 in the smallest city in the UK, St. Asaph in Wales at precisely 8.20 in the morning. At school Lisa was always up to the usual tricks, and once was given a note by her headmaster to summon a boy called Barry to his office. Knowing she couldn't keep the rest of the class in the dark about what was on the note she went to the bin when the headmaster had left the room, picked out the note and read out what was on it to her friends. As you can expect she was caught as the headmaster returned. He shouted at her so much that she almost cried...almost!

Her favourite subject at school was performing arts, as she always liked to entertain people. Her least favourite was history because she found it so boring. Her best friend was Louise Jones who even went along with Lisa to give her moral support at the auditions for STEPS. When it came to hanging out with friends she had a more scenic location than the other Steppers as she always went to Rhuddan castle in Wales. They used to explore the dungeons and old stair cases. It is an amazing memory for her.

As a member of the band that is most up to date with the latest trends and fashions, Lisa had to start her good sense of style at an early age. The first item of clothing she bought herself was a pair of jeans. The make-up she always wears are Bourgeois, MAC and Clinique and simply can't live without eyeliner and mascara. Lisa's top tip for make-up is to always cleanse and moisturise, and to treat your skin well - so you know what to do! As far as clothes go she doesn't think that it is neccesary to spend huge amounts of cash on one item, and prefers to go out and buy lots of clothes than blow all her money on just one big thing. Out of all the fabulous STEPS' costumes the least popular amongst the girls was for "5-6-7-8", Lisa really hated her red lycra dress. One night she was out on the town with Claire and they lost it (by accident of course!) which was a huge relief for her. She says that her biggest fashion mistake was when she permed her hair. It wasn't so bad when she was younger, but when it was done last year she felt it just didn't suit her. To stay in shape Lisa likes to do the usual routine of sit-ups and a lot of swimming and also dancing, which is handy considering her job description!

Lisa's first celebrity experience was with the boxer Barry Mcguigan when she was 16. She told him then that she too was going to be famous and she was right! From an early age Lisa knew what she wanted from life, fame and fortune. This attitude and determination has payed off as she is now part of a band known worldwide, STEPS. She only has one regret which was having to give up playing the piano. But shes putting that mistake right now by having piano lessons, and can play a cool rendition of ABBA's "The Winner Takes It All". Her biggest triumph so far has been reaching her ambitions. Lisa's first crush was on the lead singer from INXS, Michael Hutchence, she was really upset when he sadly died. The last person she fancied was the pop sensation Robbie Williams, although she has gone off him a bit now. The first record she bought was the fantastic single by Billy Joel "Uptown Girl". Like the millions of viewers that tune into it every week her favourite TV program is the soap Eastenders. The most expensive thing she has bought so far was her Suzuki jeep which she bought from her brother.

Last year Lisa showed everyone that she could stand up to the big boys when she joined the set of celebrity contestants on the comedy quiz show 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks'. She proved that there was more to this Stepper than just singing and dancing as she got the whole audience rolling with laughter with her answers to questions. In the future Lisa is going to be busy with all things STEPS. Last year STEPS went on their record breaking tour and will be touring again this year in May, so catch Lisa live at one of the band's gigs. Keep an eye open for Lisa as the five of them will feature in a number of articles for all the most popular music magazines. Lisa would have been able to offer H and Claire some advice while they were recording their TV show 'STEPS To The Stars' as she has had a go at presenting too on the 'Pepsi Chart', doing a wonderful job with Lee. She is an experienced presenter and has also entertained viewers of the popular Channel 4 program 'Late Lunch' impressing everyone with her natural confidence and vitality.