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Paula Trickey


Date of birth (location)

Born in Amarillo, Texas. Moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma at the age of five, where she spent the most of her school years. At the age of 18, while working on local commercials she was discovered by a modeling coach. She won the title of Miss Tulsa Teen, Miss Oklahoma Teen and came second, after Halle Berry, in the Miss USA pageant. Ms. Trickey moved to Los Angeles at the age of 20, where she waited tables for 8 years before her break-through in Pacific Blue. During that time of waiting tables, she did several minor parts in movies and series, such as Bevery Hills, High Tide etc.

The beautiful, exquisite and talented Paula at the age of 18 knew she was going to leave Tulsa to pursue her dream in show biz. During her senior year she started doing local commercials, were she was discovered by a modeling coach. She did some local modeling, but decided it was not what she wanted, she needed something a bit more of a challenge. Paula earned the title of Miss Tulsa Teen, Miss Oklahoma Teen and was second to Halle Berry in the Miss USA Teen pageant. After all the excitement Paula moved to Dallas where she studied acting and honed her skills doing commercials.

At the age of 20 she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in acting. Upon arriving, she found herself waiting tables for 8 years while waiting for that one break she needed. During this time Paula changed agents about a hundred times and went on a kabillion auditions. Paula said "it takes years to become an overnight success." She soon landed her first acting role in one of a series of notable "Don't Drink & Drive" Public Service Announcements, appearing with Aretha Franklin.

Pacific Blue represents Trickey's second starring role in a television series; her first being in NBC's "Tradewinds." She has also had recurring roles on "Beverly Hills 90210," "Renagade," and "High Tide." In addition, Paula has guest starred in such series USA's "Silk Stalkings";ABC's "Who's the Boss," "Step by Step," "Civil Wars," and "Home Free"; CBS's "Designing Women," "One West Waikiki," and "Raven"; HBO's "Session"; FOX's "Fortune Hunter" ;and Steven J. Cannell's "Marker" and "Cobra."

Her feature film work includes a starring role in "A Kiss Goodnight" and co-starring roles in Castle Rock Productions "Mr. Saturday Night," Concorde's "Black Scorpion," and Magnum Entertainment's "Lovecrimes."

She also guest starred in two episodes of Baywatch, where she played a young woman who was a con-artist. She had a young daughter, called Joey (I think), who spent some time with your all-american lifeguard family when the mother (Paula) was arrested. It was a two-part episode called "Silent Night, Baywatch Night", by the way. Later in the season the kid (Joey) was back in the show for some episodes. The idea then was that the mother had DIED !!!! Which then led to Paula's lead role in Pacific Blue.

Paula is the one who gets more fan mail than anyone else on Pacific Blue, and those who responds to her most are young women between 13-17 year old. "I like to portray my character as a strong competent female," she says. "I would love to be a role model for these young women. I have more going on than just sexuality."

        Paula's discipline for the job blends into her personal life with an extensive work out regime consisting of running, weight training, biking and her love for golf. Paula resides in Los Angeles with her husband of two years, Television producer Rich Thurber. Paula also has a great love for animals for which she has adopted two shepherd mixes one from the Amanda Foundation and one from the Pet Orphans Fund. Her passions also include an active roll in charitable causes such as cancer and aids research.

When not working Paula spends a lot of time with her dogs, biking and quality time with her husband. On a Celebrity Chat with Paula Trickey in May 5th 1999 she was asked: "You're amazing, Paula, and it's hard to think of you as a mere mortal. Are you ticklish? If so, where?" 

The answer (with a laugh): "Thank you very very much. Yes I am very ticklish, all you have to do is come at me with a pointed finger, and I start to flinch and giggle. I am ticklish  everywhere..." .

Each year, instead of having a birthday party, Trickey and her husband throw an annual chili cook-off, with trophies and prizes for everyone who participates. Trickey and her husband reside in Encino, California.

Inspirational Figures
Paula's grandfather- he told her as a child to follow her dreams, or someday she would regret it.